The Red Head that Owns our Hearts

As a Wedding Present the pilot game me my very own runway, a male Hungarian Vizsla. The pilot had always had outdoor dogs and I really wanted one that can hang out on the couch with me, travel with us and be a member of the family. Our compromise was a VERY short haired, limited shedding, medium size (currently 44 pounds), super affectionate pup that immediately cuddled his way into our lives. I have always had dogs growing up but NEVER one as affectionate as our Tiny Tot Tuggle (one of his many nicknames). Now he is the 360 Press Solutions shop dog, the pilot takes him to work everyday and he serves as the welcoming committee. The pup has become a staple that we pack up and take everywhere. We plan our trips based on the places that we can take our little man and include him in our activities.

The Pilot, Runway and I take a family photo at the Lone Star Classic. I coach a 13s club team and we finished our season in Dallas in April.

Vizlas are very high energy, but he also loves to be held and cuddled and packed around like a baby. We love our RUNWAY.


  1. At Orlando International Airport. I can understand why getting a pilot’s license is so attractive.

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