The Big Page Contest for Archivers and Scrapfest 2012

Tonight all the pages for the Scrapfest 2012 Big Page Contest are due.

The Big Page contest from Archivers for Scrapfest 2012.

The contest seemed made for the Pilot and I as the premise of the design was to use 10s to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Scrapfest. Since we got married on October 10th, 2010 (10-10-10) we designed and executed 2 pages about our wedding for judging. The pilot and I waited YEARS to get married so that we could get married on that day.  In college I was number 10 on the volleyball team, it has always been my lucky number and I figured if we got married on a day full of 10s we were bound to have a blessed wedding and a life full of “lucky 10″ moments. So far, almost 2 years in, the 10s have stayed good to us.

For the contest, we decided on 2 very different approaches to the design. The first page was VERY CLEAN. Traditionally when I do pages, I fill every available spot with photos. I have this habit of taking a TON of photos and I struggle to choose only a few.  The pages allow me to relive the wonderful moments in my life and as a result it is a painful process to leave great photos off the pages. For the page we picked ONLY ONE of our favorite wedding photos and really emphasized the beauty of the photo, the event and the two of us. It took me almost as long to choose the photos as it did to do the page.

The page is a specialty white paper. My mother and I butted heads about the fact that my dress was white (she thought it should be cream because it was a fall wedding and I really wanted WHITE).  When others look at the page they wouldn’t know the significance of the white, but it is a special touch for me. My mom ended up really happy with the white in the end. The pilot and I choose not to have a wedding party so we tried to bring in our hunter and olive color scheme in in non traditional ways…as a result I put a green paper frame for the photo. Although I desaturated the photo for the page the Pilot wore an olive green shirt under his khaki suit and a hunter, khaki and olive tie and I had my nails painted green and a “tattoo” sewn on the back of my dress.

For the first time I used white glitter thickers, they are letter stickers that are either foam or chipboard that are “thicker” than a traditional sticker. We described the event as “classy redneck.”  In honor of that idea I used the White on White a reflection of the “classy” half. The glitter on the letters really helped them POP.

The flowers are a Martha Stewart Crafts design made with the flower punches that Archiver’s demoed at Scrapfest 2011 attached with pop dots. Although it is almost time to make another trip, this was the first time I took the time to try them again, I now understand the need for the mat. I thought I could just make them on the cutting mat that I have on the table but it was NOT spongy enough to allow the petals to curl.

The other page brought in a little of the REDNECK half.

The page includes our invitation, in the envelope under the photo on the left and a couple of framed photos from the event. Although you cannot see it from the photo, our wedding resembles a Pantone swatch book (looks like a book of the paint swatches you would see at home depot-printers use them to choose colors for inks). Since both the Pilot and I work in printing it was a fitting and COOL way to do an invite, it has 10 pages. From the photos you can tell that we had a little bit of a non-traditional wedding. Even though we were engaged for almost 4 years before we got around to getting married we jokingly called the event our shotgun wedding because guests were encouraged to bring their guns, and ammo, to shoot skeet in their black tie attire. It was fun to watch people come from their cars in their fancy cloths with their gun cases in one hand and ammo boxes in the other.

In a nod to my mothers wish for cream, we used a cream lace ribbon and ribbon tape as well as some paper ribbons, green brads, and a sticker set with a shotgun and shells. We used a different set of thickers on this page, they almost look filled with green glitter. Who knew that shotguns could be “pretty.”

The pilot sweetly drove me to Archivers to drop them off about 8:30 tonight; nothing like waiting until the last minute…But I am really happy with the way they both turned out.


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