The 7th Annual Scrap Trip

Every year, well for the the last 7 years, my mom and I load up and head to the mountains for some mother-daughter time and a whole lot of scrapbooking.  I have a wonderful scrap room at home, but I know that the only way I am going to get in some solid scrap time is to load up the car and get away. With laundry or dishes or just household stuff that comes up it never works out to devote time to just scrapping….as a result, my mother and I load up the car with everything we might possibly need and we head for the mountains where it is cooler. As you can tell I do not waste any space in the car, if  there is a spot I bring one more, just in case, thing that I might get to on the trip.

There is an art to the car loading and Mom and I usually fill every space available in the car which usually takes a lot of help from the pilot and my dad, pictured above. Every year I promise myself I am going to be more organized and take less but it has yet to happen…In the time I should spend organizing I usually scrap, what can I say, I cannot help myself.

Every year, until this year, we have stayed in a house in Ruidoso, New Mexico. The mountains are so much cooler in a time that the Texas heat is so brutal. The pilot usually comes out for the weekend and we can go to the Horse Races at Ruidoso Downs, the Lavender Springs Farm in Arabela, and we love the pottery at Pinon Pottery. There is also a Walmart and Walgreens in town for anything we forget. This year, however, we ended up in Cloudcroft, Ruidoso was on fire.

From Austin the drive takes us about 12 hours, Mom and I stop frequently to look at plants along the road, picnic, visit the bathrooms and to check out fruit stands all along the way.

There are some really wonderful little spots that we love to stop out to break up the trip. The Runyan Ranch on the Penasco River has a really cute little petting zoo and WONDERFUL fresh cherries and we really like the little store and Elk Dogs at the Old Apple Barn in High Rolls.

When we arrive we unload and set up shop, me on the floor and mom usually at the dining room table, although this year we brought a table so we would have a place to eat. I love to be able to spread out across the floor and be able to make and leave a mess for days while I work.

On a typical day we try to get up with the sun to get a chance to see the deer, elk or other animals in the forest. I should probably mention that we usually stay in houses that are in the mountains on the edge of the National Forrest and we bring corn to attract the animals. Then we have a cup of coffee or hot tea on the porch in our sweats. Both of us try to soak up as much of the cool weather as possible. Then we get dressed and take the dogs for a hike, we usually try to walk for an hour or so.  I take a bag on our walks, there are always fun things in the forest that I like to bring home, pine cones, really different leaves and dried plants, and even tree bark.

When we get home we have breakfast and then we spend the rest of the day scrapping away. We move VERY little other than to occasionally help each other with our projects. We have different scrap styles so we RARELY work on projects together, but we spend a lot of time bouncing ideas off of each other. Unless the pilot comes out we only leave the house to go for supplies or to go to town and return emails and phone calls. Meals happen whenever one of us takes a break and cooks something.


We are there to SCRAP SO THAT IS WHAT WE DO. Occasionally I need a break and I read a book or two. Some days we work well into the night working away and others we quit early, but we really get an opportunity to enjoy each other and occasionally shoo a hummingbird out of the house.

I love all the scrapping I get done, but the time I get to spend with my mother is invaluable. I highly recommend the getting away to scrap.

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