A Woman’s Version of Deer Hunting in Texas (KBBD)

My parents have a ranch outside of Brady, Texas. The pilot and I love to go deer hunting, and it’s an extra bonus that we get to fly there. It’s a short hop, skip and a jump from Austin to Brady, and we figure we have a plane so we might as well use it!

We decided to go to Brady for the annual family gathering at the ranch for opening weekend. It was a little different this year because my father was out of state at a wedding and my brother and sister-in-law were staying close to home with a 2nd baby on the way. So it was my mother, the pilot and I, along with a few family friends.

We eat venison year round. There is usually enough food that we can give away quite a bit and never come close to running out. This year, however, we ran out of one of our favorite staples, venison breakfast sausage. We substitute it in all of our recipes for hamburger meat as well as breakfast sausage. Without this, we had to suffer and buy hamburger meat at the local grocery. It was time to hunt.

The weather was quite hot for opening weekend with highs near 80 degrees. We sat in one of the deer blinds together and scouted out deer. There are many beautiful animals in Brady. We have spent a lot of time culling out deer that have bad genetics and letting the bigger bucks breed. Whatever we have done has surely worked because we have seen some beautiful deer.


We came back and did an afternoon hunt to find a young 7 point. We try to remove these early in the season if they don’t have equal horns on both sides. The reason we do that early in the season is to keep them from breeding. We want all the monster 10 points to make new babies! I harvested the 7 point and he dropped in his tracks.

I really love to hunt. I can sit in a stand and simply shoot with just my camera. Over the years I have harvested some very large animals, so I have learned to look at the big bucks we currently have and enjoy their beauty. I can’t wait to go back. It’s the pilots turn to harvest a trophy this year. Hopefully I will have some pictures of a monster soon!

Airport Identifiers, what are they and where do I include them?

So being the bride of a pilot, I have learned quite a bit about flying. My job duties increase as I learn a little more.  Currently, I get to put the code into the transponder (the part that tells Air Traffic Control where you are) and enter the airport identifier into the backup GPS.

When I write a blog about one of our flying trips, I always add an airport identifier in the title. They usually start with a “K” and are 4 letters or numbers. Most of us know the airport identifier of our local commercial airport. Here in Austin, Texas, Austin Bergstrom International’s identifier is KAUS. Whenever we travel, I like to add that part into the blog so fellow pilots’ can know where we land in case they want to visit the same place.

The pilot uses a website called airnav.com. This site allows him to search the airport, see what type of approaches and runways are available and check the gas prices.

We have landed at over 200 airports over the years. Now you have learned a little bit of what I have learned and will understand when you see an identifier in the title of a trip blog, what it is.