Runway, The Office Dog

Our little man has a number of responsibilities, or blessings depending on how you look at it. Every morning our little red headed pup gets up early and heads to work with the pilot.  Runway visits everyone and then assumes his position as greeter at the front door. Most days he spends more time napping then meeting the customers, but a number of people come by the shop to see him. Normally, I like to write more, but these pictures probably speak louder than words. :)

Runway enjoys his chair in the sun.

Runway is learning to be an office greeter, he can even balance the business card while you shake his paw.

He also serves as entertainment for all of the employees when they need a break from the seriousness of the day. They dress him up and teach him new tricks, Runway LOVES treats and will behave wonderfully if he thinks there is a treat in his future.

Secretary runway is ready for dictation, as long as you come to his office (the chair by the front door).

Tom Cruise has nothing on Runway, who just need a pair of tightie whities to complete the outfit.

Runway loves burgers, and hopes that if In and Out Burger comes to Austin he might be considered for a job.

Runway brings a light-hearted friendly atmosphere to the printing company. The employees are a tight knit group and he is happy to serve as the “family dog.”  He does not like to be alone so it is wonderful that he has made himself welcome.


  1. Angie Patak says:

    Morgan and Jason, I just love Runway’s blog… He is such a hoot and such a good sport about EVERYTHING you ask him to do.. I just smile from ear to ear each time I see Runway and some comment you or Jason have put with it. I hope to see all three of you sometime soon. Angie

    • Our little man is very patient with us, and he loves to go…we really enjoy each other, all of us. We hope to see you soon.

  2. Linda Atkins says:

    Where is the sign that was put on him after he ate everyone’s pizza?

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