Plane Jane, Jr.

When Jason, my pilot (and Husband) started flight training we had a long discussion about the pros and cons of plane ownership versus rental. We decided to be honest with ourselves and agreed if we were going to budget the money for him to learn to fly that we needed to use it often.  If we owned the plane, both of us would feel more confident with his comfort level in the plane and would, as a result, fly a lot more often…Little did I know when we were sitting on the couch that evening how much time was involved in training.  Jason was always at the airport so I teased him about all the time he spent with “her” instead of me. Finally I decided that if he was going to spend so much time with her she needed a name, Plane Jane. Jason let me be in charge of her naming.  After Jason finished up his private pilot’s license Plane Jane, our Cessna 172, was totaled in a hail storm. When we replaced Jane our bigger and younger plane, a Cherokee 6,  Plane Jane Junior, or JJ for short.

Plane ownership has been an adventure ever since. Jason is REALLY great about trying to take me places that I want to go and it has been a lot of fun to “extend” the range on our weekend get-a-ways.

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