Pearl Harbor in Temple

I love to go places in the plane but I do not have a passion for planes like my pilot does.  Last Saturday when the pilot jumped out of bed at 6am to fly to the Central Texas Air Show I went back to sleep. Jason volunteers for an organization called Angel Flight that fly’s patients who cannot afford the travel for their treatment and had committed to promote awareness at the show.

Around lunch I headed to Temple to spend time with my pilot and was pleasantly surprised by Tora Tora Tora show. The flying that those pilots do is AMAZING. They fly so close to each other and so close to the ground it made me nervous for them. I have a better appreciation for how much skill it takes to fly those planes, but even if I knew nothing that show is exciting. The pyrotechnics really added to the experience!

Even better news, the show’s color was hot pink, my very favorite color. I think they planned it that way just for me…

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