Not your average Fried Frog Legs

The Pilot and I were in the mood for something a little different tonight. With the help of some wonderful frog legs from Quality Seafood, the pilot thought we might find them at HEB, and some inspiration from the pilot’s new favorite show Duck Dynasty we braved making Frog Legs for the first time.

On our 1-10 scale we gave them an 8.

Soak 1 pound of frog legs in 2 cups of  buttermilk…They can be soaked in beer if you prefer…for 20 Minutes.

Remove the Frog Legs from the buttermilk and pat them dry. Season them Cajun Seasoning and a little bit of cracked pepper. (The dryer they are the better the seasoning sticks.

After they are seasoned cover the frog legs in flour.

Then drop them in an olive oil bath, 1/2 and inch in the bottom of the pan and 1/2 a stick of butter. Make sure the Oil is MEDIUM hot.

Pan Fry them until they are lightly browned on each side.

After they are browned add them to a pot of:

Cook: 1 whole small garlic, 1 cup of mushrooms, 3 cups of white wine, and the oil and butter sauce that you have already cooked together.

For 30 minutes on 300 put the pot in the oven and let it simmer. Pull them from their sauce and serve them…we did with mashed potatoes.





The Red Head that Owns our Hearts

As a Wedding Present the pilot game me my very own runway, a male Hungarian Vizsla. The pilot had always had outdoor dogs and I really wanted one that can hang out on the couch with me, travel with us and be a member of the family. Our compromise was a VERY short haired, limited shedding, medium size (currently 44 pounds), super affectionate pup that immediately cuddled his way into our lives. I have always had dogs growing up but NEVER one as affectionate as our Tiny Tot Tuggle (one of his many nicknames). Now he is the 360 Press Solutions shop dog, the pilot takes him to work everyday and he serves as the welcoming committee. The pup has become a staple that we pack up and take everywhere. We plan our trips based on the places that we can take our little man and include him in our activities.

The Pilot, Runway and I take a family photo at the Lone Star Classic. I coach a 13s club team and we finished our season in Dallas in April.

Vizlas are very high energy, but he also loves to be held and cuddled and packed around like a baby. We love our RUNWAY.

Fishing with the Gators

For Mother’s Day the pilot and I took his mom Fishing with Ray, Top Cat Fishing, at Choke Canyon. Ray is really wonderful about picking us up at the Live Oak Airport (8T6) in George West, Texas so we can go and come same day. After making the round trip same day last weekend I recommend renting one of the cabins in the park. After getting up at 3 to be there by 6 and fishing all day it is really rough on the pilot to fly home late. For the second time in a row we had to hold over the Three Rivers VOR because the airport was, as the pilot says, socked in.

Sunrise over George West

I know that he was excited about maintaining his currency, but, honestly, I prefer to skip being included in flying around in circles first thing in the morning. The sunrise was really beautiful from the sky but I would rather see it from the fishing boat.

The Lake is really down but with our droughts in Texas, but the Alligators were out in full force and the lake was really beautiful. According to Ray, the gator population is the result of nuisance gators from Houston, so thank you Houston, the gators entertained us. We got to see one chasing a Gator Gar, the large gar totally cleared the water trying to get away. We got to see them doing their mating rituals, it made for a really entertaining morning.

Ray had the poles bending all day. There were even a few times when all three of us had fish on at the same time. Ray’s terrible smelling catfish bait did the trick and we reeled until we were exhausted.

I love to fish BUT I love to fish even more when I catch the biggest fish of the day. There were a few times that the pilots pole bent over and I thought he might have hooked the big one, but when we called it a day I got to be the one who caught the largest and smallest catfish of the day.

Growing up in a family where hunting and fishing is something you do even before you learn to write your name I sometimes forget that not everyone has had a lifetime of experiences to fish with. The pilot’s mom, Linda, had a slow start to the day while she got a feel for it, but once she got the hook set figured out she put the pilot and I to shame with all the fish she was bringing in. It was really nice that all of us were bringing fish in the boat.

It was a wonderful trip for some family fishing, in a beautiful place with a really great guide…And we made it home in time to sleep in our own beds.


Pearl Harbor in Temple

I love to go places in the plane but I do not have a passion for planes like my pilot does.  Last Saturday when the pilot jumped out of bed at 6am to fly to the Central Texas Air Show I went back to sleep. Jason volunteers for an organization called Angel Flight that fly’s patients who cannot afford the travel for their treatment and had committed to promote awareness at the show.

Around lunch I headed to Temple to spend time with my pilot and was pleasantly surprised by Tora Tora Tora show. The flying that those pilots do is AMAZING. They fly so close to each other and so close to the ground it made me nervous for them. I have a better appreciation for how much skill it takes to fly those planes, but even if I knew nothing that show is exciting. The pyrotechnics really added to the experience!

Even better news, the show’s color was hot pink, my very favorite color. I think they planned it that way just for me…

Co-Piloting in the Kitchen

The Pilot and I really enjoy doing things together. There are a number of traits my pilot possesses that I love, one of which is his expertise in the kitchen. We love to try new recipes and share in the cooking responsibilities (doing the dishes, not so much but I am working on it). Most of the recipes you will see in this blog will be a combined effort delivered to the plate. Jason has brought a lot of wonderful flavors and seasonings to my cooking and I have introduced him to cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of the time we try a recipe we find in at the check out counter at my favorite place to shop (HEB), and then we make adjustments. I love the Pioneer woman’s cookbooks, she always shows me what the food should look like along the way (instead of just the final product) so this blog will follow the same premise, pictures of the recipe as it comes together. Please let us know what you think of the meals…we would love to add your variations to our recipes as well.

Parmesan and Pecan Crusted Tilapia

The pilot and I decided to use some finely chopped pecans we had bought from the Berdoll Pecan Farm. Bastrop, Texas does not have an airport so we actually took a drive out there today. I am always up for a trip to visit Pearl the giant Squirrel and to pick up a bag of Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans.  On the way back North we ran by HEB and picked up a few additional ingredients.

What you need:

1/2 cup of pecans (either chopped finely or you will need to chop them in a minute)

1/3 cup of Parmesan grated cheese

1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley

3 tbsp. of lemon juice

1 tbsp. of olive oil

4 fish fillets, about 1 pound total

1 cup of rice

a handful of broccoli tips

1 can of chicken broth


Get the rice cooking to start. We replaced one cup of the water with chicken broth for flavor (don’t forget a pinch of salt in the water). Chop up the broccoli into small “florets”.  When the rice gets down to the last 5 minutes of cooking, drop the broccoli in and let it cook.

For the fish start turning the oven on 375 degrees. Then chop up the parsley and mix that with 1.5 tbsp of lemon juice, the parmesan cheese and olive oil. Set the fish on a baking pan we line the tray with foil and apply a little bit of the olive oil to the top.


Lightly sprinkle the finely chopped pecan on both sides. If you can’t buy the finely chopped, do the best you can to get it as fine as you can.


Once this is done, sprinkle the cheese/parsley/lemon/olive oil on top.


Bake the fish about 15 minutes. Once the rice and fish are done, serve the dish on the bed of rice. Here’s what the final dish came out looking like.


We enjoyed the fish. The pilot gave it a 8.5 and I gave it a 9.5. A little bit of spicyness would have been a good addition. Its a pretty simple dish to make and doesn’t have a ton of ingredients. If you make it, give me some feedback on what you think of it!

Plane Jane, Jr.

When Jason, my pilot (and Husband) started flight training we had a long discussion about the pros and cons of plane ownership versus rental. We decided to be honest with ourselves and agreed if we were going to budget the money for him to learn to fly that we needed to use it often.  If we owned the plane, both of us would feel more confident with his comfort level in the plane and would, as a result, fly a lot more often…Little did I know when we were sitting on the couch that evening how much time was involved in training.  Jason was always at the airport so I teased him about all the time he spent with “her” instead of me. Finally I decided that if he was going to spend so much time with her she needed a name, Plane Jane. Jason let me be in charge of her naming.  After Jason finished up his private pilot’s license Plane Jane, our Cessna 172, was totaled in a hail storm. When we replaced Jane our bigger and younger plane, a Cherokee 6,  Plane Jane Junior, or JJ for short.

Plane ownership has been an adventure ever since. Jason is REALLY great about trying to take me places that I want to go and it has been a lot of fun to “extend” the range on our weekend get-a-ways.