Lifes a Beach, at the Beach in Galveston, Texas

The pilot and I have been planning to spend a weekend at the beach all summer and somehow the summer is over and we never made it. We didn’t have a weekend, but we had a Saturday a few weekends back and we capitalized on the opportunity with a quick day trip to Galveston(KGLS), Scholes Field in Texas. To ensure that it was an extra special trip we brought along some of our friends, the Woods.

We hopped in the plane first thing Saturday morning and headed out. It is always a little intimidating to come over the water to land. Even though we have done it a number of times I still get nervous and have to distract myself with something (this time it was finally finishing my birthday thank you notes from April–a little late I know) so that I don’t think about the fact that there is nothing below us to put JJ (our plane) down on. My pilot always tells me the plane doesn’t know if there is land or water underneath us, but I still get anxious. Our trip to the Bahamas in 2010 was over water for more than 300 miles!

We came into runway 17 from over the ocean and as usual I was super anxious but the Pilot set her down beautifully. The crew car, which is usually available was just checked out. Most small airports have a crew car that you can borrow for up to 2 hours, but someone beat us to it, so we called a cab. With no plans in mind, we asked the cab driver for a lunch recommendation and he took us to Gaidos Seafood Resturant on the waterfront.  The food was WONDERFUL! We had a soup sampler, which consisted of three of their soups in smaller portions and the fresh catch of the day special and they were well worth the flight. There was even a little shell store in the front of the restaurant. I like rocks, in fact I love them, so after our detour through the shop, we headed down to the beach. Here’s a picture of Mallory, one of my volleyball girls, and I in front of Gaido’s.

The pilot and I made sure to bring an ice chest for the fresh seafood that we always get anytime we are near fresh seafood. Since we took a cab instead of renting a car, we got to take the cooler with us everywhere. The pilot even took it into the water with him so that it could enjoy the beach with us.

It was wonderful to feel the sand and water on our feet.  I made the pilot walk down the beach with me until we made it to the ice cream stand. Unfortunately, Mallory (one of the girls on the volleyball team I coach) and I had something a little different in mind than the package of dip-n-dots that we ended up with but it was the idea that counted. Here is a picture of Mallory’s mom and I at the dip n dots stand.

The pilot even joined in the fun and had a package of Banana Split to go with my Cookies and Cream. He is not a big ice cream eater, but always joins in when I get some.

In an effort to get the full effect of ice cream on the beach and relaxation,  we sat on the boardwalk and people watched while we ate. There was a large canopy to keep you in the shade right on the boardwalk.

The Boardwalk was really beautiful. The city has really spent some money to make the boardwalk really easy to navigate. It had to be rebuilt after the hurricane a few years ago that tore it down. I even found out that the entire airport was under water when the hurricane came through.

As the good tourists we were being, we made sure to hit a few of the little souvenir shops before we headed to the fish market to finally fill up the ice crest that we had carried around all day. There are several shops on the boardwalk to choose from that sell t-shirts, swim suits and any kind of trinket you can think of.

Seafood does not get any fresher than straight from the boat and Katie’s Seafood Market is the best. Their fish were beautiful, the shrimp was caught that morning and the crabs were still angry about being pulled from the water. Blue crabs are cooked live, so you have to bring them home alive. The Pilot “let” me pick out the blue crabs; I am not sure if he knew I would love it or he didn’t want the crabs to pinch him. Here’s a picture of Katie’s Seafood Market and me holding a live crab!

You know that the seafood is fresh when the employees are literally waiting for the boat at the door. It is great fun that the boats literally pull up to unload and then you get to take it home. It really does spoil you though. Fresh seafood is just amazing.

The shrimp and fish was a sight to see. They had all sizes and head on and head removed shrimp.

After filling up the ice chest with blue crabs, gulf shrimp and a flounder, the pilot, the Woods and I were exhausted so we took the cab back to the airport and started our flight home. I promised him I would stay up and keep him awake during the flight. I am usually reading a book or sleeping, but sometimes I try and stay awake and keep him company. I did forget that we take off over the water before turning around to head home. It’s a short amount of time over the water, but it still makes me nervous.

I most prefer the turn to home. Here are a couple of pictures from the air.

It was a wonderful day trip; especially because I finally got my relaxing day on the beach. We enjoyed the food, the shopping, the fresh fish and the walk on the beach. Having a small plane gives us a lot of flexibility. If we were to try and day trip this with driving, it would be impossible. I would recommend Galveston as a fun spot to get away if you ever get the chance.



  1. Lovely! And glad that you and The Pilot got to have a relaxing day at the beach! You should try this again soon! :)

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