Is it possible to be too BIG?

When the pilot and I first got engaged I bought an 18X18 Martha Stewart brown scrapbook. I love photos and with 3 photographers (my friends shot it) I knew there would be tons of photos so I thought BIGGER IS BETTER…I had absolutely no idea how challenging it would be to do a book that large. The book itself was a little daunting…Just thinking about the pages kept me from working on it for a while.


Since I bought it, the book and all of the supplemental material has been discontinued.  As a result, I was limited to the 40 spreads in the book…and no plastic sheet covers. Thank goodness the Pilot is a Printer for his day job so at least I could get some white paper in 18X18 to build the pages on. One of the toughest things that I never considered is there is no way to cut paper 18X18. All the cutters are designed for paper that is 12X12 but the only way to get paper large enough to cover a whole area is to splice 12X12 pieces together. I cut them and then taped the backs together and then tried to cover the spliced areas with photos and ribbons.

The size did, however, allow me to include a huge number of the wedding photos and it made it easy to take parts of the pages for what I like to call “Secondary Coverage,” A couple of photos that are part of a larger ever. The book actually turned out really well.

Page 1 was really simple…

I took apart the  multi-page Pantone Swatch-Book style invitation and was able to showcase all of the pages accr0ss the spread.

And I was able to showcase all of the the ceremony highlights on one page.

For such a momentous occasion it is wonderful to do such a memorable book, BUT it will be a one of a kind for me.


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