Fishing with the Gators

For Mother’s Day the pilot and I took his mom Fishing with Ray, Top Cat Fishing, at Choke Canyon. Ray is really wonderful about picking us up at the Live Oak Airport (8T6) in George West, Texas so we can go and come same day. After making the round trip same day last weekend I recommend renting one of the cabins in the park. After getting up at 3 to be there by 6 and fishing all day it is really rough on the pilot to fly home late. For the second time in a row we had to hold over the Three Rivers VOR because the airport was, as the pilot says, socked in.

Sunrise over George West

I know that he was excited about maintaining his currency, but, honestly, I prefer to skip being included in flying around in circles first thing in the morning. The sunrise was really beautiful from the sky but I would rather see it from the fishing boat.

The Lake is really down but with our droughts in Texas, but the Alligators were out in full force and the lake was really beautiful. According to Ray, the gator population is the result of nuisance gators from Houston, so thank you Houston, the gators entertained us. We got to see one chasing a Gator Gar, the large gar totally cleared the water trying to get away. We got to see them doing their mating rituals, it made for a really entertaining morning.

Ray had the poles bending all day. There were even a few times when all three of us had fish on at the same time. Ray’s terrible smelling catfish bait did the trick and we reeled until we were exhausted.

I love to fish BUT I love to fish even more when I catch the biggest fish of the day. There were a few times that the pilots pole bent over and I thought he might have hooked the big one, but when we called it a day I got to be the one who caught the largest and smallest catfish of the day.

Growing up in a family where hunting and fishing is something you do even before you learn to write your name I sometimes forget that not everyone has had a lifetime of experiences to fish with. The pilot’s mom, Linda, had a slow start to the day while she got a feel for it, but once she got the hook set figured out she put the pilot and I to shame with all the fish she was bringing in. It was really nice that all of us were bringing fish in the boat.

It was a wonderful trip for some family fishing, in a beautiful place with a really great guide…And we made it home in time to sleep in our own beds.



  1. Loved it Morgan, well written!

  2. Christine Amaryllis says:

    Well done, Morgan! I love the continuing adventures of The Pilot and his Lovely Wife!

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