Co-Piloting in the Kitchen

The Pilot and I really enjoy doing things together. There are a number of traits my pilot possesses that I love, one of which is his expertise in the kitchen. We love to try new recipes and share in the cooking responsibilities (doing the dishes, not so much but I am working on it). Most of the recipes you will see in this blog will be a combined effort delivered to the plate. Jason has brought a lot of wonderful flavors and seasonings to my cooking and I have introduced him to cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of the time we try a recipe we find in at the check out counter at my favorite place to shop (HEB), and then we make adjustments. I love the Pioneer woman’s cookbooks, she always shows me what the food should look like along the way (instead of just the final product) so this blog will follow the same premise, pictures of the recipe as it comes together. Please let us know what you think of the meals…we would love to add your variations to our recipes as well.


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