Our redhead turns 2

On August 16th our little Runway celebrated his second birthday.  As he does every day, our little man went to the office, and as they do for every employee at the pilot’s work, they had a little celebration for his big day.  Aunt Jenny and Aunt Jessica, who work at the pilot’s work, made him a Happy Birthday hat that he proudly wore for at least 2 minutes. It helps that he got a toy from Grandma for encouragement. The toy is a kong, and while they say indestructible, they usually last him a week.

Two minutes were about all we got before he could not keep himself away from his cake. Once he noticed it, his attention was lost to eating it!

After the presents Runway got to have a little puppycake with his “shop family.” The puppy version of a cake is specifically made for dogs and is safe to eat. We weren’t sure if he would like it, but he had no trouble devouring it.

Runway would NOT have been happy to share his puppy treats, but we thought he (and all of his shop family) would be happier if he got his own and we had a few people cakes, with strawberry frosting, Runway’s favorite, of course for everyone else.

Our little man got a special treat: his own chair at the table to “blow out” his candle. The whole gang gathered around and even sang him happy birthday while he patiently waited to dig in.

As the song progressed he o0ched closer and closer and about the point when they were singing his name he just could not wait any longer. It is a good thing the pilot was paying attention because he dug in before the candle was blown out.

Our little man got to sit at the table with everyone else and eat all three of his little cakes. He even got to eat a little but of the strawberry icing he loves so much.

Our little man had a wonderful “big day.” Since he is our “child” we spoil him a little. We had one person mention one time that they wouldn’t mind coming back as one of our dogs one day.

Runway, The Office Dog

Our little man has a number of responsibilities, or blessings depending on how you look at it. Every morning our little red headed pup gets up early and heads to work with the pilot.  Runway visits everyone and then assumes his position as greeter at the front door. Most days he spends more time napping then meeting the customers, but a number of people come by the shop to see him. Normally, I like to write more, but these pictures probably speak louder than words. :)

Runway enjoys his chair in the sun.

Runway is learning to be an office greeter, he can even balance the business card while you shake his paw.

He also serves as entertainment for all of the employees when they need a break from the seriousness of the day. They dress him up and teach him new tricks, Runway LOVES treats and will behave wonderfully if he thinks there is a treat in his future.

Secretary runway is ready for dictation, as long as you come to his office (the chair by the front door).

Tom Cruise has nothing on Runway, who just need a pair of tightie whities to complete the outfit.

Runway loves burgers, and hopes that if In and Out Burger comes to Austin he might be considered for a job.

Runway brings a light-hearted friendly atmosphere to the printing company. The employees are a tight knit group and he is happy to serve as the “family dog.”  He does not like to be alone so it is wonderful that he has made himself welcome.

The Red Head that Owns our Hearts

As a Wedding Present the pilot game me my very own runway, a male Hungarian Vizsla. The pilot had always had outdoor dogs and I really wanted one that can hang out on the couch with me, travel with us and be a member of the family. Our compromise was a VERY short haired, limited shedding, medium size (currently 44 pounds), super affectionate pup that immediately cuddled his way into our lives. I have always had dogs growing up but NEVER one as affectionate as our Tiny Tot Tuggle (one of his many nicknames). Now he is the 360 Press Solutions shop dog, the pilot takes him to work everyday and he serves as the welcoming committee. The pup has become a staple that we pack up and take everywhere. We plan our trips based on the places that we can take our little man and include him in our activities.

The Pilot, Runway and I take a family photo at the Lone Star Classic. I coach a 13s club team and we finished our season in Dallas in April.

Vizlas are very high energy, but he also loves to be held and cuddled and packed around like a baby. We love our RUNWAY.